About me


Tarsha Ebbern - President 


My training and work experience has allowed me the opportunity to provide organizational, management, leadership and customer relationship support to several companies, industries and top executives. I have been involved in planning, budgeting, marketing, sales, management and operations, with excellent referrals. Prior years experience include property development and real estate administration, operations and business in the sporting wholesale and retail industries, as well as cosmetic wholesale, retail, marketing and training. My resourcefulness and multi-tasking efficiency will be of great benefit to your business.


I created Steamboat Business Solutions, Inc. after the economic crisis of 2007/8, when many small struggling businesses in Steamboat Springs needed support, but could not hire full time staff. Steamboat Business Solutions, Inc. has grown to include a team of professionals on call, each with a unique set of skills such as English majors, accountants, web and computer networking gurus and administrative management professionals.


I represented Australia in the Winter Olympics in 1992. Having been an elite athlete for 15 years brings a special perspective in discipline, professionalism and communication skills.


My goal is to always provide Steamboat Business Solutions, Inc. clients with the highest return on investment possible by completing tasks thoroughly in minimal time. I take pride in my reputation for efficiency and professionalism. By working with Steamboat Business Solutions, Inc. on a retainer basis, the more time we spend together the better we understand your business needs, allowing you more time to focus on your company’s success.


Tarsha Ebbern is the winner of Smartwool Pinnacle Award 2011 based on the following parameters:

Humanity: The quality of state marked by compassion, active kindness and accountability to all humankind. 

Humility: To act and lead in a manner that reflects or expresses a spirit of inclusion, respect for others, and a willingness to subordinate one’s own interest for the common good.

Integrity: A faithful way of being that embraces values inspired by community, honesty, or artistry.

Excellence: The art and quality of seeking and achieving the highest sustainable standards.

Commitment: The trait of being sincere and steadfastly fixed on the purpose.


Steamboat Business Solutions is incorporated in the State of Colorado.